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We are about reverent and honest prayer and worship which is saturated with Scripture and connected with the broad and deep history of the Church. The 1662 Book of Common Prayer is characterized by clarity of language joined to beauty and theological substance.

We are about friendly and supportive pastoral support and discipleship, which comes alongside the youngest to the oldest, the newest to the most mature Christians. We meet one another wherever we are at, with a view to growing into the people God intends us to be. 

We are about offering the whole of ourselves to God, for forgiveness, healing, redemption, and service. This includes our leisure and social lives, which we hope will be infused with joy. This also includes our seasons of suffering and struggle, which we will openly acknowledge and come alongside one another for support.

Ignorance is not a virtue, neither is it a virtue simply to go with the flow of our contemporary world. We are about trying to understand and discern our world in order that we may accurately pray about it, and effectively engage it.

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