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Anglicanism is Catholic and Reformed. We hold to the three historic Creeds of the Christian Church (the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian creeds) the first four ecumenical councils (Nicea 325 A.D., Constantinople 381 A.D., Ephesus 431 A.D., and Chalcedon 451 A.D.) and the first five centuries of Catholic tradition in doctrine and worship. The Reformation was a reassertion of these things and the key Anglican documents (the 39 Articles, the two Books of Homilies, the Ordinal (the liturgy for ordaining ministers), and the Book of Common Prayer), are foundational for what it means to be 'Anglican'.



Classic christianity, (which is essentially orthodox and historically rooted Christianity) believes in God the Holy Trinity as revealed in the Holy Scriptures (two testaments, Old and New). Scripture teaches that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father and that God is reconciling the world to himself in Jesus Christ by the power and work of the Holy Spirit within and through the Church. There is no salvation apart from receiving the mercy and grace of God through Jesus Christ. This salvation does not only address human sinfulness, but includes human culture and all of Creation. We may know that God exists by observing his effects in and through Creation. There is an order and purpose within Creation, though human sin has profoundly damaged it. All of Creation requires redemption and salvation through Jesus.


Rooted in this 'memory' of the ancient, medieval, and reformed church our lives must continuously be surrendered to and sustained by the Holy Spirit in the mercy and grace offered to us through Jesus. This takes a certain form in the lives of all Christians. It is through worship (especially in receiving communion with other Christians), sound Biblical and theological teaching & study, fellowship, and the private disciplines of prayer, fasting & almsgiving, that we grow as children of God and followers of Christ. Admittedly, this means that our discipleship, teaching, and devotion will not always be easy, but by the grace and help of God, it will be good and real.


We aim to be a place of deep and substantial nourishment for the mind and spirit, as well as help provide a solid foundation for offering every aspect of our lives to the Lord in service and worship, as well as offering to him our leisure.

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