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View of agricultural fields, vineyards, and Okanagan Lake from Giants Head Mountain in Sum


St. Thomas Church is a new Christian congregation in the south Okanagan. We are committed to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We all, individually and collectively, need to be redeemed from our sins by the grace of God the Father, through Jesus Christ, by the help of the Holy Spirit, in order to grow in the faith and knowledge of God our Creator. The single most important thing every person needs is to be reconciled with our Maker - to be in a relationship with Him and to come to know His will for our lives. You may read our guiding principles and vision here.

For current information about our services, follow this link

We aim to be friendly, approachable, and inclusive of all ages, abilities, and stages of faith and knowledge.

We aim to embody coherent, substantial, historic worship, fellowship, and rich teaching and preaching within the Anglican way of following Jesus. Our common prayer is ordered according to the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (IVP International Edition). The 1662 BCP was loved and utilized by Christians such as George Herbert, John Donne, Jane Austen, T.S. Elliot, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, Dorothy Sayers, and J.I. Packer. We are not praying according to the 1662 BCP for its own sake, but rather because it grounds and guides our study of Scripture (J.I. Packer refers to the BCP as "the Bible arranged for worship"). Flowing from this, it serves as a means to be connected to the prayer and thought of ancient, medieval and reformed Catholic Christianity. It is not the only path by which one may be formed and challenged in this way, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and substantial books of prayer and discipleship gifted to worldwide Christianity.


We are currently in the gathering phase 

(in other words, we are in the process of formation and so this is a small gathering).

Sunday, February 13, Septuagesima

No services  (Lars will be away with the military).

For information regarding our services, please follow this link.


All are welcome. If you wish to join us, we recommend that you send us an email.

Image by Mitchell Leach


To be a Scripturally rooted, historically grounded Christian Church in order that we may faithfully and thoughtfully follow the risen Lord into the future.

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Classic catholic Christianity, (which is essentially orthodox and historically rooted Christianity) believes in God the Holy Trinity as revealed in the Holy Scriptures (two testaments, Old and New).


As the Lord leads and draws, we are currently praying and reaching out to see who in the south Okanagan may desire to follow Jesus as part of a fellowship like St. Thomas Summerland. 

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