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Sunday July 17, the 5th Sunday after Trinity

Dear Friends,

I've missed our Sunday gatherings. I'm looking forward to the next 4 Sundays as we are able to come together and receive from the Lord in Word and Sacrament. You are all welcome.

The readings and prayer for this Sunday may be found by following this link.

A boat is an excellent metaphor for human existence. The metaphor involves the conditions of our sailing through this life: periods of calm and storm, periods of productivity and forward progress, and times when we seem to be making no headway at all and there are no fish being caught. Our Gospel for this Sunday relays the occasion of Jesus entering Peter's boat. Peter's response should remind us of Jesus' encounter with us, as well as serve as an example. The crucial aspect of the narrative is Jesus' call to Peter not to focus upon his own sinfulness, but rather to look toward Jesus and follow him. As Jesus is in our boat, we ought not to fixate upon our circumstances or self-assessments primarily, but recognize them in light of Jesus' presence and power.

Our services are at the usual times of 8 am and 10 am.

In Christ and Under the Mercy,


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