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The First Sunday in Lent, 2022

This Sunday we continue our Lenten pilgrimage by following Jesus into the wilderness and witnessing his victory over temptation. As noted by Robert Crouse, "These temptations of Jesus represent the essential forms of all temptation; they are our temptations, and the temptations of the Church. They are the illusions that we can use the divine spirit for worldly ends, that we can make God subject to our whims and idle curiosities, that we can be as absolute as God." The only way for us to be victorious over our various temptations is because Jesus was first victorious for us, and invites us to be participants in his victory and ministry. Join us as we contemplate these truths this Sunday and reorient ourselves upon Jesus as we journey through Lent.

Readings: You may access the prayer and readings by following this link. You may read the RSV and ESV translations of the readings here.

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