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The Fourth Sunday in Lent, 2022

I hope you are all having a blessed Lent. Forward progress in our following of the Lord is not always easy to discern, with apparent failures actually working to deepen our trust in God, and our understanding of the absolute importance of his grace. The readings this Sunday are a reminder regarding the ultimate hopelessness of legalism and the error of confusing legalism with Christian discipleship. I hope you can join us for worship. Masks are now optional, though the rest of our Holy Communion practices are in place. I will sterilize my hands and dip a wafer into the chalice for anyone receiving. We will record the 8 am service and upload it to Youtube in case you are not able to attend. A couple of notices: Please, if you intend to come to our Lent retreat this Saturday, please let me know. For those who are coming, please also bring a bagged lunch. We will provide coffee and refreshments, but no substantial food for lunch. Here is the poster. Also, a reminder that the following Sunday (April 3) there will be no services as I will be out of town.

Readings: You may access the prayer and readings by following this link. You may read the RSV and ESV translations of the readings here.

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