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The Second Sunday in Lent, 2022

This Sunday we have the provocative encounter between Jesus and the Canaanite mother. It is meant to serve both the make clear how it is we come to Jesus and what we may hope to receive if we have faith in him and are persistent. As Robert Crouse says, "We come as the Canaanite woman came, without any particular merit, without any natural claim upon the grace of God. But we are welcomed, nevertheless, by faith and hope in the abundant charity of that grace. Perhaps a crumb is all we seek; but he calls us to be his table guests, to share the rich banquet of his Word." I hope you can join us.

We are going to try and start recording and uploading our 8 am Holy Communion (or ante-Communion) services onto Youtube. In discussion with some of you, I think this may help you pray at home if you are unable to attend. However our 10 am services evolve, our 8 am services will remain simple, low-key, and a bit shorter (though we will continue to pray the Litany at 8 am, and the sermons are more or less the same at both services). It may also serve as part of our outreach, to give people an accurate sense of who we are and how we pray. You may see the first attempt at the following link to the playlist. The video information includes a link to the service itself, as well as the readings. I have a lapel mic on order which I hope will make the sound clearer. We'll also make some other adjustments (e.g., I'll try not to swoop in at the start as though I'm over-caffeinated...). Something else you may keep in mind, I hope in time that we may be able to afford some silk palm plants to flank the brick cross and for on the floor behind the altar. These may be beautified with seasonal living flowers (thinking ahead to Easter). If you would like to help with this, let me know.

8 am Holy Communion Youtube playlist

Looking ahead, a reminder that there will be no services on March 20.

Also, again, I encourage you to attend and to share the information for our Lent retreat, which is Saturday, March 26. Here is a link to the poster for the event which I encourage you to share as you see fit.

Readings: You may access the prayer and readings by following this link. You may read the RSV and ESV translations of the readings here.

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