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The 12 Days of Christmas, 2021

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

May the Lord bless you all and deepen your knowledge and faith in him this Christmas season. Christ's first appearance amongst us has been celebrated since the earliest days of the church. As J. H. Blunt says, "Most of the fathers have left sermons which were preached on Christmas Day, or during the continuance of the festival; and secular decrees of the Christian Emperors, as well as Canons of the Church, shew that it was very strictly observed as a time of rest from labour, of Divine worship, and of Christian hilarity." The 12 days of Christmas include an opportunity for the joyful celebration of Jesus' birth, as well as sombre reflection upon themes of martyrdom, the forgiveness of our enemies, the suffering of innocents, and the simple truth that Jesus is the only one in whom our being, knowing, and doing finds redemption and fulfillment. I hope that we will all take time to enter into the depth of worship and reflection that is offered through the Church and her ordered worship. Let us not drive a wedge between our moments of quiet reflection and celebration. For some of us, there is a continued lament due to cancelled plans and separation from loved ones. All of it--our meals, rest, games, quiet walks and talks, work, and lament--if oriented towards Christ and under his mercy, take part in true worship of our Maker who loves us and sent his Son to us for our help and salvation. You may follow this link for more information regarding our 8 am and 10 am services and Christmas service schedule. There are too many celebrations and commemorations to share the readings sensibly, but you may access everything (collects, epistles, and gospels from the 1662 BCP) here. If you have particular prayer requests or thanksgiving reports please share them with me. They will be offered to the Lord through the service and included in the service insert. Special feasts and fasts* (if you follow or wish to follow the Church's traditional devotion in this way): see below for our services from Christmas Day to the Feast of the Epiphany. RECURRING AND ADVANCED NOTICES Christmas Services (all are Holy Communion). Saturday, December 25 (Christmas Day), 10 am; Sunday, December 26 (The feast of St. Stephen), 8 am & 10 am; Monday, December 27 (the feast of St. John the Evangelist), 8 am; Tuesday, December 28 (The Innocents), 8 am; Saturday, January 1 (the Circumcision of Christ) 8 am; Sunday, January 2 (the 2nd Sunday after Christmas), 10 am; Thursday, January 6 (Feast of the Epiphany), 8 am. COVID19 protocols are in effect (in light of provincial guidelines and the expectations of the landlord). We will be gathered around the Lord's Table, seated by household, socially distanced. We ask that hands be sanitized and masks be worn inside for the duration of the service (exception is made for receiving the bread and the wine, and for leaders who are socially distanced). Please reach out if you have any questions. In Christ and Under the Mercy Lars+

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