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Please follow these links to find the resources we use.

The Canadian 1962 Book of Common Prayer

1662 BCP (IVP International Edition) direct from IVP 

from Parasource

from Amazon

from Logos  (you must download the excellent Logos software to your computer or mobile device

the Amazon Kindle edition

The complete Psalms of David on Apple Music (1662 Coverdale Psalms). If you are praying the daily offices alone, praying along to Anglican chant is an excellent way to slow down and listen while praying.

Common Prayer App (an excellent resource for daily prayer which closely coincides with the 1662 BCP)


Prayer Book Society of Canada

Prayer Book Society of England

Prayer Book Society of the USA

The Scriptural BCP (a website which aims to catalogue every scripture reference in the BCP)

Books which inform our identity and mission (other than Scripture and the best of patristic theology)

Classic Christianity: A Systematic Theology by Thomas Oden

From the Preface:


“My basic purpose is to set forth an ordered view of the faith of the Christian community upon which there has generally been substantial agreement between the traditions of East and West, including Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox. My intent is not to present the views of a particular branch of modern Christian teaching, such as Roman Catholic or Reformed, but to listen single-mindedly for the voice of that deeper consensus that has been gratefully celebrated as received teaching by believers of vastly different cultural settings, whether African or Asian, Eastern or Western, sixth or sixteenth century.


My intention may be simply put: I hope to set forth what is most commonly stated in the central Christian tradition concerning God. ”


Excerpt From: Thomas C. Oden. “Classic Christianity”. Apple Books. 

Image by Armando Arauz
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