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The Rev’d Lars Nowen has a wide range of experience and education in over 20 years of ordained ministry. He has a long held and growing interest in classic, historic Christian philosophy, theology, and liturgy. Apart from formal degrees in philosophy and theology, he is a trained teacher. Currently he is completing another graduate degree focusing upon the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas and the poetry of Dante. He is also a Chaplain in the Canadian Armed Forces (the British Columbia Dragoons). He has keen interest in discipleship and ministry to strengthen the Church and broaden its reach. He thinks that a classic and thoughtful Christian congregation in the south Okanagan would be an important aspect of Christian witness in the region. He is married to Claire and their twin sons, Theo and Sam, are 8 years old. If you would like to know more about who he is, and the vision of St. Thomas Summerland contact him:         

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