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Gathering Phase (July 2021 - )


As the Lord leads and draws, we are currently praying and reaching out to see who in the south Okanagan may desire to follow Jesus as part of a fellowship like St. Thomas Summerland. At this time attendance at corporate Sunday worship ideally follows a conversation with the pastor (if you are interested, please email him and he will happily chat with you). We also plan to conduct outreach events and services open to the public. Again, people who are drawn to the concept may meet with the Pastor in order to discuss the vision and discern their own involvement.


Mission Fellowship Phase


Once a group of 12 adults has committed to the concept and the initial gathered fellowship, we will formally become a Mission Fellowship. During this phase, the administration is overseen by the pastor, and our finances are routed through ANiC headquarters. 


Incorporation Phase


Once a group of at least 29 committed adults has joined the Mission Fellowship, we will begin the process of incorporation. This will involve planning for a membership Sunday, approving a basic set of bylaws, and electing from the eligible members essential lay officers of the church (a Rector’s Warden to work for the wellbeing of the pastor, a People’s Warden to work for the wellbeing of the congregation, a Secretary to compile and track legal documents and meeting minutes, and a Treasurer to ensure the finances are in good order). A church council will begin to meet regularly in order to oversee the practical and financial administration of the church. The pastor, working with the bishop, is still solely responsible for the worship, preaching, teaching, and pastoral ministry of the church, though he will consult with the members to help ensure the ministry is connecting with the members appropriately (if not easily).

* Adapted from the REC100 church planting guide.

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