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Next Services

November 13, 8 am and 10 am Holy Communion.

November 20, 8 am and 10 am Holy Communion.

December 25, 10 am Holy Communion


What are the services like?

Here is a recording of our Pentecost Sunday 8 am service.

This will give you a general sense of how we pray together, and the space in which we meet. 

More information may be found below.










We are a new congregation and are in the gathering phase. These are friendly, 

small, and low-key services. Scroll below for more information about what you may expect.

8 am Holy Communion

This service is quiet, reflective, and typically small (in fact, do not be surprised if you come a little late and see the priest praying alone--do not be shy, please take a green BCP, and choose a seat). Typically, we begin with praying the Litany (a comprehensive time of prayer which is referred to by Philip Freeman as "the mobilized arm of the Church's Eucharistic service"). There is a short sermon on the Scripture readings and no singing. It is ideal for those who prefer short and quiet public worship, have scheduling issues, or may wish to explore Anglican Christianity (reformed Catholicism) without disrupting other commitments. The service is approximately 35 mins in length. All Christians who are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and who receive communion in other churches are welcome to come and to receive communion. There is no presumption regarding church membership.

10 am Holy Communion

Sunday at 10 am is typically Holy Communion and includes singing (at the moment we sing the Gloria in excelsis Deo using Merbecke's classic tune). This service will evolve to include more music and hymns, children's catechesis, and child care for young children. This is the main service. At the moment the service is 45 mins in length, though this will extend to 60 mins when hymns are added.

All are welcome. If you wish to join either the 8 am or the 10 am service it helps 

to email Pastor Lars (though it is not necessary).

What can you expect?

During the service, the priest stands before the table (altar). Whenever the liturgy addresses the people, the priest turns and faces those present. When we recite the Nicene Creed all face the cross. Scripture reading and preaching occur at the lectern on the left-hand side. Our readings are taken from the King James Version (note, though we use the KJV, we are not KJV only -- the KJV is beautiful and flows with the classic language of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, but we encourage familiarity with all faithful translations of Scripture, especially the RSV and the ESV). 


To receive communion people step out of their seats (masked at this time), and move to the front and centre of the aisle. The priest (masked and hands sterilized) dips the edge of a small wafer into the chalice of wine and places it in the overlapping outstretched hands of the person receiving. Those who do not receive communion, are unbaptized, or young children, may receive a blessing from the priest (indicated by crossing your arms across your chest, if you are new or visiting).

We also intend to observe other important days of the Christian calendar as announced. If you want to be kept informed about our activities, would like to meet with Pastor Lars to discuss STS, or sign up for email updates, please send Pastor Lars an email.

You may purchase the 1662 (IVP International Edition) by following this link.

Copies of the book are available for use also.